Do you recognize this?

You want to create something great with your team but you run into one of the following challenges: 

  • Collaboration is difficult amongst individuals or teams; required conversations are missing
  • There is lack of ownership and entrepreneurship
  • The complex governance structure slows down the decision making process
  • There is a high perception of workload
  • Due to day to day fire fighting there is little to no time left for strategic thinking
  • Employees experience their work as not being meaningful 
  • The actual culture is not beneficial
  • Making mistakes is not accepted; it is not seen as an opportunity to learn
  • There is no to little focus on personal development
  • The organization needs to transform (grow, different strategy) but a plan and/or buy-in is missing

Together we prepare your organization for the future!

We understand your challenges and can help you out.

With our experience we quickly put the finger on the sore spot and create awareness, inspire, give insights and transform the organization from now to tomorrow.

We look to the entire organization and its context: the mission, people, process and the changing environment. 

Based on the course of action we determine together, we can increase alignment, team performance, work happiness, the ability to innovate and the future readiness of your team or organization.

Are you ready for tomorrow?

Not completely? Please contact us. We are happy to get to know you and your organization and talk about tomorrow!

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How to overcome the 5 Dysfunctions of Virtual Teams

Patrick Lencioni explored the fundamental causes of team failure. According to his book ‘The five dysfunctions of a Team’ are: Absence of trust. Team members don’t dare to show vulnerability within the group Fear of conflict. The team prefers artificial harmony over constructive passionate debate, while the latter is required to create trust and openess Lack of commitment. Decisions…
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What’s key to keep your staff motivated?

Written by Heiske Yesterday I participated in a MBA talk of the University of Amsterdam (VU). This talk was about motivation of staff and Purpose. Already for years I am conveying that it really helps to know your Purpose. When I, after a journey of months or even years, was able to determine my Purpose…
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Remote working requires changes in cooperation and leadership

Due to digitalization, globalization, the need for more personalization, traffic jams and the urge to stop climate change we were already shifting to more hybrid workplaces. A hybrid workplace is a combination of working in the office and working remotely.  With a hybrid workplace you can choose how much you work in the office (or…
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Are Self Managing Organizations a Hype?

In September Heiske participated in a MBA talk with subject ‘Self Managing Organizations’. This conversation was organized by the VU University Amsterdam as Executive Education. You can read the discussed questions and answers about self managing organizations and Heiske’s add ons below. Are Self Managing Organizations a hype? It depends. We see organizations moving to…
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Interpersonal Struggles? Learn from Married at First Sight!

Jan Hendrik calls it brains-off programs. Broadcasts on tv that do not require a lot of focus and are easy to digest. Although you might label ‘Married at First Sight’ as a brains-off program, it is brains on for sure! Why? In Married at First Sight (2020 Australia version) singles are matched based on science…
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A virtual Stepping Exercise

In the past 6 months we have facilitated many virtual sessions: Strategy sessions, Team Development sessions, you name it. Normally we have multiple laptops in our ‘control room’. One showing the Mural we use, another with Teams and one back up for the ‘in case of’… Fortunately all worked well the past months… till yesterday!…
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