Do you recognize this?

You want to create something great with your team but you run into one of the following challenges: 

  • Collaboration is difficult amongst individuals or teams; required conversations are missing
  • There is lack of ownership and entrepreneurship
  • The complex governance structure slows down the decision making process
  • There is a high perception of workload
  • Due to day to day fire fighting there is little to no time left for strategic thinking
  • Employees experience their work as not being meaningful 
  • The actual culture is not beneficial
  • Making mistakes is not accepted; it is not seen as an opportunity to learn
  • There is no to little focus on personal development
  • The organization needs to transform (grow, different strategy) but a plan and/or buy-in is missing


If you continue like this, you will be losing out!

  • You are not an interesting employer to work for and you are only left with a demotivated staff
  • You are falling behind technology-wise and overhauled by innovative start-ups

This will eventually impact your organizations' existence.


Get ready for tomorrow

We understand your challenges and can help you out. With our experience we put the finger quickly on the sore spot and determine your course of action together. We also help you taking the organization on the defined journey to tomorrow.


Together we prepare your organization for the future!

We create awareness, inspire, give insights and transform the organization from now to tomorrow. We look to the entire organization and its context: the mission, people, process and the changing environment. 


We take your organization on a journey. We offer the following to start moving in the right direction

  • An inspirational session about the changing world and the contemporary organization
  • A future readiness check; a sort of health check up for your organization
  • Workshops to improve cooperation and innovation: personal development, team- and leadership development, ability to innovate, process improvement and sustainability
  • Support in strategy development and execution of the transformation (culture change)


Are you ready for tomorrow?

Not completely? Please contact us. We are happy to visit you and talk about tomorrow!



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D. van Kaam (Rabobank):

'Great workshop!

Insights were spot on and really gave inspiration and tools for further personal development. And the sailing part also cleared the head to think things over.

Thanks Heiske!'

Omid Feyli (Department Head Tilburg University):

‘Heiske’s vision on ‘Future for Organizations’ is fascinating.

After our first meeting I knew instantly that she should be the key-note speaker at our annual Dhenim conference 2017.

As Organizational Futurist of Tomorrow’s Leadership, she provided an amazing presentation for our audience.

I believe Heiske is working on a very important topic where many organizations need to be aware of!

Her experience in the areas of Strategy, Leadership and Innovation with various Fortune 500 companies enables Heiske to provide a completely new twist to the organization’s future'

dr. Steward Desson (CEO Lumina Learning):

'Heiske delivered a quite brilliant presentation entitled 'Future for Organizations' at a recent global conference I organized.

Her energy uplifted the whole conference - and her thought-provoking ideas -an innovative challenge- was much appreciated by everybody.

Thank you Heiske for being a trailblazer!'

Mevr. Berben (Senior Consultant bij Brabant Water):

'I have experienced the approach as very personal.

For the exercises contemporary tools are used. That is refreshing and easy because you can do them everywhere.

This challenge made me think and has provided me with interesting insights!'

Mevr. Van der Plas (Manager bij VNG International):

'The profile is straightforward and positive. 

The three persona's were very insightful and I really liked the way how things were visualized.

Thanks to the profile and the exercises I have a lot of food for thought!'

Mevr. Wolthuis (dagvoorzitter en presentator):

'Het mooie van dit verslag is dat het de algemeenheden voorbij gaat. 

Het is alleen toepasbaar op mijn persoonlijkheid en niet geschikt om het, zoals ik met de andere theorieën deed, op anderen toe te passen. Daarvoor gaat het de 'mal' te ver voorbij.

Het verschaft veel duidelijkheid op punten waar (met name veronderstelde karaktertegenstellingen) onzekerheden veroorzaakt werden. Daarmee komen ook sterke punten naar voren die ik nog niet als zodanig herkende'

Mevr. Van Kaam (Leidinggevende bij de Rabobank):

'The profile is amazingly accurate. And that without involvement of a psychologist. 😉

I am convinced you have to develop your strengths. If you understand the pitfalls related to your strengths, you know your potential for growth. 

The overextended persona in the profile shows your pitfalls clearly and helps you to focus.'