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A virtual Stepping Exercise

In the past 6 months we have facilitated many virtual sessions: Strategy sessions, Team Development sessions, you name it. Normally we have multiple laptops in our ‘control room’. One showing the Mural we use, another with Teams and one back up for the ‘in case of’… Fortunately all worked well the past months… till yesterday!…

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Be a Contemporary Leader

There are many inspirational organizations where we can learn from to become a contemporary leader. Netflix is one of them. It’s CEO, Hastings, shares his learnings in his latest book: No Rules Rules. To get a first impression about his Leadership mindset, you can watch this short video. These are the 5 learnings he shares:…

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Success of a tool = tool + desired behavior!

Poka Yoke is a Japanese term that means ‘mistake-proofing’. A poka-yoke is a mechanism in a process that helps the operator avoid mistakes. This comes really handy when the handheld computer of your kids doesn’t function anymore and you are kindly asked to fix it. To disassemble things is typically not really difficult, but to…

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