Do you recognize?

You want to put something beautiful with your team, but you run against one or more of the following points:

  • Collaboration is difficult amongst individuals or teams; constructive conflict is missing
  • There is a lack of owner-- and entrepreneurship
  • Complex governance structure slows down the decision making process
  • The workload experience is high
  • Due to day-to-day fire fighting there is little to no time left for strategic thinking
  • Employees experience their work as not meaningful to them
  • The actual culture is not beneficial
  • Making mistakes is not seen as an opportunity to learn
  • There is personal development
  • The organization is close to a transformation but a plan (for required growth, changed strategy) but a plan and / or missing support


If this continues, your organization misses the boat!

As a result the organization:

  • Not more attractive to work for and keep only demotivated staff
  • Lagging behind in terms of technology and is overtaken by innovative start-ups

This will eventually impact your organizations' existence.


Make sure you're ready for tomorrow

We understand your concerns and hear and like to help you. With our experience, we know quickly put his finger on the sore spot, and then we determine together with you the steps to take to prepare for the future. Of course we also help you happy with the performance of the actual transformation!


Together make your organization future proof

We create awareness, inspire, provide insight and transform the organization from now to tomorrow. We look at the entire organization and its context; the mission, the people, the process and the changing environment.


We take your organization on a journey to tomorrow. We can use the following to start moving in the right direction:

  • An inspirational session about the changing world and the 'future-proof organization'
  • A future readiness check; a sort of health check up for your organization
  • Workshops to improve cooperation and innovation: personal development, team- and leadership development, ability to innovate, process improvement and sustainability
  • Support in strategy development and execution of the transformation (culture change)


Are you ready for tomorrow?

Not quite? please contact us. We are happy to visit you and discuss tomorrow!


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D. van Kaam (Rabobank):

'Great workshop!

Insights were spot on and really gave inspiration and tools for further personal development. And the sailing part also cleared the head to think things over.

Thanks Heiske!'

Omid Feyli (Department Head Tilburg University):

‘Heiske’s vision on ‘Future for Organizations’ is fascinating.

After our first meeting I knew instantly that she should be the key-note speaker at our annual Dhenim conference 2017.

As Organizational Futurist of Tomorrow’s Leadership, she provided an amazing presentation for our audience.

I believe Heiske is working on a very important topic where many organizations need to be aware of!

Her experience in the areas of Strategy, Leadership and Innovation with various Fortune 500 companies enables Heiske to provide a completely new twist to the organization’s future'

dr. Steward Desson (CEO Lumina Learning):

'Heiske delivered a quite brilliant presentation entitled 'Future for Organizations' at a recent global conference I organized.

Her energy uplifted the whole conference - and her thought-provoking ideas -an innovative challenge- was much appreciated by everybody.

Thank you Heiske for being a trailblazer!'

Mrs. Berben (Senior Consultant at Brabant Water):

'I have experienced the approach as very personal.

For the exercises contemporary tools are used. That is refreshing and easy because you can do them everywhere.

This challenge made me think and has provided me with interesting insights!'

Mrs. Van der Plas (Manager at VNG International):

"The personality description says directly and positively it like it is.

The three persona's were very insightful to me and I really liked the way how things were visualized.

Thanks to the report and the exercises on the floor mat I have a lot to digest!'

Mrs. Wolthuis (chairman and presenter):

'The nice thing of the Lumina Spark report is that this goes beyond generalities. .

The description only applies to my personality and is not , like other theories, applicable to others. This is beyond the standards.

It provides insights in elements (mainly in paradoxes of personality traits) that caused insecurities. This brought strengths to the surface I was not yet aware about

Mrs. Van Kaam (Manager at Rabobank):

'The personality description is incredible accurate. And this without any psychologist stepping in.

I am convinced you need to develop your strengths. If you know the pitfalls for your strengths, you immediately know what you can develop. De overextended persona of Lumina Spark clearly shows these what helps you to start your personal growth.'