Agile + Behavior = Success

To deal with the rapidly changing world, organizations need to be agile; they need to be able to quickly adopt to changing circumstances.

That’s why many organizations are currently implementing the Agile mindset. Splitting up tasks into baby steps, daily reviews, visualization and making it a true team effort enables quick adjustments and increases flexibility.

Recently we participated in a session with all Agile (interested) people to share Best Practices and Learnings.

There was one key take away that was shared amongst all attendees: often the Agile methodology is used to only discuss content, not behavior! The Agile mindset has a strong People element build in, but focus on this part typically lacks in the daily practice.

Knowing this, it is not a surprise that we are regularly asked to support organizations to the bring the people element into the Agile way of working. That is great since we love to link the Agile mindset with Behavior!

During the session we had more interesting take aways. We translated them to success factors. Ready? Here they are!

If you truly want to embed the Agile mindset properly into the culture it requires:

  • A certain urgency
  • Leadership support
  • Difficult decisions. Especially the ones to say goodbye to people who do not believe in the Agile mindset
  • People to create ‘chapters’ themselves based on what energizes them, what they want to develop and who they want to cooperate with
  • Not only discussions about the content, but also about behavior!