Team Development

LEGO Use related to Behavioral Preferences

Heiske’s son loves LEGO.  During this gift season, he has already selected numerous LEGO sets he likes to have.  His parents have given him various expensive LEGO sets in the past.  Heiske’s sons’ use of LEGO Reflecting on these earlier gifts, Heiske realized he only follows the building instruction once. Then he breaks it down…

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Do you have Playful Incentives at Work?

Heiske shares with us one of her challenges during her morning routine…. The challenge in our morning routine ‘Our morning process to get my daughter ready for school is a real challenge. Despite crisp and clear time schedules, clocks and her own bad experiences with showing up late at school, she doesn’t feel the time…

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How to overcome the 5 Dysfunctions of Virtual Teams

Patrick Lencioni explored the fundamental causes of team failure. According to his book ‘The five dysfunctions of a Team’ are: Absence of trust. Team members don’t dare to show vulnerability within the group Fear of conflict. The team prefers artificial harmony over constructive passionate debate, while the latter is required to create trust and openess Lack of commitment. Decisions…

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