Clubhouse chat about Future Skills

This week Astrid Bolk, who has a Global Leadership role with DHL, and Heiske had a Clubhouse conversation about Future Skills.

What is Clubhouse?

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A summary of the Skills discussed

During the Clubhouse conversation Astrid and Heiske shared trends and developments and translated these to required future skills. Some of these trends and skills are:

Ownership and responsibility

Due to a quickly changing environment, increased complexity and knowledge workers, organizations need to transform from a hierarchy to a more organic structure. A more organic structure results in increased empowerment of staff. To be able to properly deal with this empowerment, staff should be able to take ownership and responsibility. The increased empowerment also results in a need for an open, transparant culture since staff requires access to relevant information to come to best decisions.

Know yourself

Knowledge is accessible to all nowadays. This means that having knowledge is not something that makes you stand out of others anymore. It is more about your Passion, Purpose and Potential. To know your passion, purpose and potential, you need to know yourself. And although people think they know themselves, according to research this is not the case for approximately 80% (!). Knowing yourself is even more important than ever since we entered the happiness era. To be happy, it helps to know from yourself what gives you energy, what lifts you up, and what drains your energy. This again ties back to knowing yourself.

Awareness about trends and developments

In our rapidly changing environment it is a must to be aware of latest trends and developments. If you don’t know what is going on, you might notice developments too late and your organization might be disrupted. It then looses its reason for existence. To stay ahead of the game, awareness about latest trends and developments is key. And this is not limited to developments in your own industry. Instead, you need to be aware of developments in all industries!

Digital savviness and the ability to deal with ethical dilemma’s

In this digital era, having knowledge about coding and algorithms is crucial. We spoke here about cobots, close cooperations between robots and human. Also we discussed the fact that technical developments give us many opportunities to manipulate things for the better (or not?). Thanks to all our gained knowledge about DNA profiling we are able to create super babies. And our gained insights about the human brain helps us to persuade people to buy stuff. We need to balance our (old-school?) focus on profit with ethics. That’s why we should train ourselves to properly deal with ethical dilemma’s. Tip of Astrid: take some digital crash courses via and watch the movie ‘Coded bias‘.

Dare to make mistakes and practice continuous learning

When you innovate, you are going to do something that you have never done before. So, there is a high change on unexpected things, also known as ‘mistakes’. How are we going to ensure that mistakes are not seen as something wrong, but as an opportunity to learn?

During our conversation we also spoke about the fact that many future skills are currently still not included or undervalued in the education system. We specifically spoke about coding, emotional intelligence (related to knowing yourself) and the approach to innovate (brainstorm, dare to make mistakes).

All in all it was a very interesting conversation with a conclusion that there is room for improvement in our education system!

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