Meet Heiske

Heiske will guide you through our variety of courses that will enable you to become a Contemporary Leader.

Heiske is the perfect person to guide you trough this program, since she struggled with:

  • Her positioning as a leader within teams and organizations. How to behave amongst all alpha leaders? How to contribute while remaining authentic? What could she do to have a significant and positive impact?
  • Utilizing her strengths. She felt kept down. She felt she could contribute more than she was allowed to.
  • Having impact. She thought it was not required to be involved in the political game. But she quickly learned that awareness about her power in combination with proper stakeholder management enabled her to consciously play the political game and significantly increased her impact.
  • Team dynamics. Initially she managed teams based on her gut feeling. Sometimes this resulted in a good approach, sometimes not. The moment she learned how teams typically behave and what she could do to guide them in the right direction, she wished she had learned more about team dynamics earlier in her career.

She made many mistakes along the way, but learnt even more!

She knows what is required to be a contemporary and impactful leader and is driven to support others in becoming such a leader too.

Her dream is what drives her. She saw too many unhappy people in a work environment. They felt not recognized, not being listened to and not fully utilized regarding their potential. That in combination with all climate challenges resulted in Heiske’s dream:

‘A happy and healthy living for us and the next generations on this planet, Earth!’

Watch her introduction video here:

If you are not connected with Heiske yet, feel free to send her an invite on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. She loves to connect with you!

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