Emotional Intelligence - The 21st Century Skill!

Do you recognize this?

  • You want to understand why you respond in a certain way to specific circumstances
    • You can get really angry/scared/anxious
    • You feel forced to do something you don't want to do
    • Suddenly you feel insecure
    • You get so enthusiastic that others experience you as overwhelming
  • You want to manage your response better; choose your action
  • You want to increase cooperation and reduce conflicts

Then it helps to get more insight in your own Emotional Intelligence!

The ability to choose our response to a situation is a powerful one. We can help you to improve your emotional intelligence, adaptability and resilience.

We use various tools to give you insight in and grow your emotional intelligence. One of the tools is Lumina Emotion.
This is a scientific based tool created by psychologists at the University of Westminster in London that gives you insight in your emotional preferences, scores your actual emotional intelligence and indicated what you need to do to further improve it.

This tool in combination with other tools we use enables us to support you in:

  • Understanding your Emotional Preferences
  • Understanding your Emotional Intelligence
  • Determining what you can do to further improve your Emotional Intelligence
  • Getting insight in your Emotional Pitfalls
  • Understanding your Limiting Beliefs
  • Defining actions to enable your overall Personal Development

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Heiske: Last week I gave a webinar about the '5 steps to Get To Know Your Flow'. At some point I did not receive a lot of responses and I thought: 'people start to disconnect'. I made a joke and asked 'Are you all asleep?' A couple of minutes later I received a note in the chat: 'We are not asleep, we are making notes like crazy!' That moment I realized I suffered a limiting belief. The first thing that went through my mind when I did not receive responses immediately was that my story was boring. The opposite was the case based on feedback I received:
✅ 'Super fantasic'
✅ ‘Really valuable'
✅ ‘Made LOTS of notes'

Do you have limiting beliefs now and then? Limiting beliefs are part of your Emotional Intelligence.

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