Happy holidays!


The year where we all completely changed our business from face to face to virtual and online learning.

It all worked well, but we are looking forward to see you face to face again!

For now we still have to do it with our online courses and virtual events. 

In case you have some time during the holidays for development than have a look at our Academy page. We offer several courses that give according to our clients great insights:

‘It made me think about the use of my talents. For me this is a confirmation that I made the right decision to switch jobs’

‘I realized I am not consciously managing stakeholders. Now I understand what I have to do to bring them along in this project’

‘My team was not cooperating well. Now I understand what I can do to further mature my team’

The investment is a ‘no-brainer’ according to clients.

Have a look here for the Get to Know Your Flow course: https://tomorrowsleadership.nl/get-to-know-your-flow-program/

We also have these two courses:

  • Navigating through the organization; consciously manage and utilize power, stakeholders and politics
  • Team dynamics; all you need to know about the development of teams

You can access them here: https://tomorrowsleadership.nl/academy/

All the courses contain over 1.5 hours of video material, an e-book and workbook.

Have a great holiday and hope to see you in 2021!