How to make a virtual Strategy Session work?

Do you recognize one of the following concerns?

  • The team is not 100% aligned on what to work towards and focus on
  • The team had a clear strategy but due to working remotely the focus diffused
  • It is time to reflect on the strategy but how to do that with all team members working from home?

No need to worry!

You can organize fun and effective virtual Strategy Sessions!

Tools we use to enable these multiple hour sessions are Zoom (this enables break-out groups), Mural and Slido. You don’t need to worry about a 4 hour session being too long. If you truly make it interactive with these tools, time will fly.

‘I was surprised about the interaction during the workshop. This was for sure thanks to your tools!’ – one of our clients

If you have concerns setting up a virtual session: we are happy to take on the facilitation. In this way you don’t need to worry about the technology and can focus 100% on the content. We do the rest.