LEGO Use related to Behavioral Preferences

Heiske’s son loves LEGO. 

During this gift season, he has already selected numerous LEGO sets he likes to have. 

His parents have given him various expensive LEGO sets in the past. 

Heiske’s sons’ use of LEGO

Reflecting on these earlier gifts, Heiske realized he only follows the building instruction once. Then he breaks it down and uses the building blocks to create his own thing, like the airplane shown in the picture below. 

Use of LEGO by other kids

Heiske noticed other kids using their LEGO sets in a different way: they follow the building instruction, enjoy the creation for a while, break it down, put all bricks back in the box and rebuild it later by following the building instructions again. 

This made Heiske think and she realized it is related to behavioral preferences. 

Behavioral preferences

When it comes down to Heiske’s sons’ use of LEGO he for sure has a preference towards ‘Big Picture Thinking’. With his imagination he envisions what he wants to build and uses his creativity to really create it.

Other kids might prefer ‘Down to Earth’. They simply enjoy following the instructions.  

There is no good or bad. But it might be good to make her son aware about potential different preferences of other kids. Else he might drive them crazy with his creative approach.

Do you know your preferences and those of your colleagues?  

Or do you drive each other crazy? 🙂