How do you Lead your Organization into the Future?

You can take a lead in different ways:

  • Through people
  • With a vision
  • With drive
  • To deliver

And although you can take on all the leadership styles mentioned above, you for sure have your preference towards a certain end.

Knowing your preferences in style is 1, but you also need to be aware of the context you are operating in:

  • What is the maturity phase of your organization? A start up requires a different style than a scale up organization.
  • What are the common values?
  • What are the intentions and capabilities of every individual you are leading? 

Properly adapting your leadership style to the circumstances starts with understanding your own preferences. 

With Lumina Leader we can provide you insight in your preferred style. By combining this with a 360 (based on the input of your people) and a discussion about the context your organization is in, this workshop is very powerful to bring your leading capabilities to the next level.

So, are you looking for opportunities to grow as a Leader(ship Team)? Then this workshop is definitely worth it!