My daughter’s personalized sneakers

We just survived the first school week. 😅

In this first week my daughter concluded that she did not fit her sneakers for her weekly physical education class anymore. She asked me to buy new ones and had a special request: ‘can we buy just simple white ones and spice them up?’ And so we did…

For me it was nice to notice several 21st century skills and trends during the process.

✅ Thanks to latest technology we are able to move from ONE SIZE FITS ALL > CUSTOMIZATION > PERSONALIZATION. And personalized are these sneakers for sure!

✅ Due to the rapidly changing world we have to remain CREATIVE to survive.

✅ My daughter loves colors. The fact that she dares to wear these personalized shoes that are 100% in her style shows her AUTHENTICITY. In today’s world we need to embrace and leverage diversity to the max to be able to stay ahead of the game. Here authenticity and having a people focus are key.

✅ When we all think mainstream and within the normal boundaries, we won’t move the needle, while we have plenty of challenges. Think about the climate. The fact that we already past the Earth Overshoot Day already weeks ago indicates that we have to solve this overconsumption issue. To overcome this, we have to do things completely differently; we have to think out of the box!

I am going to preserve and even stimulate my daughter’s authenticity and creativity. We need it now more than ever!