Requirements for Future Proof Managers

Yesterday we found an interesting article of Harvard Business Review about the way a management role needs to change to be ready for the future.

According to us, the list is not complete, but we completely agree with the items that are mentioned and feel they are worth sharing.

In general this is what managers should aim for: become truly human again. To be people who love to learn and love to teach, who liberate and innovate, who include others in the process of thinking imaginatively, and who challenge everyone around them to create a better business and a better world.

This will ensure that organizations do more than simply update old ways of doing things with new technology, and find ways to do entirely new things going forward.

Since you are all very busy, we have summarized the required managements shifts called out in the article for you. Management style should move from:

  1. Directive to instructive: learning, not knowledge, will power organizations into the future; and the central champion of learning should be the manager.
  2. Restrictive to expansive: encouraging people to learn about competitors old and new, and to think about the ways in which the marketplace is unfolding.
  3. Exclusive to inclusive: managers need to be bringing a diverse set of thinking styles to bear on the challenges they face.
  4. Repetitive to innovative: organizations need managers to think much more about innovating beyond the status quo – and not just in the face of challenges.
  5. Problem solver to challenger: challenging people to discover new and better ways to grow, and by reimagining the best of what’s been done before. And yes, this means less fire fighting!
  6. Employer to entrepreneur: see things we normally overlook and do things we normally avoid.

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