Our services

We support your organization on the journey to tomorrow. Our following services help us to take steps in the right direction together:

  • Inspirational Sessions about our changing world and the 'Future Proof' organization.
  • Future Readiness Check; a 'Future Proof' Health Check for your team and/or organization.
  • Workshops to create alignment on Strategy, stimulate Personal/Team/Leadership Development, increase the ability to Innovate and improve crucial Processes
  • Support in Change Management; the execution of the Transformation.

Inspirational Sessions

To create awareness about our changing world and why organizations needs to adjust, we give presentations about: 

  • Social and Technological Developments
  • The Impact of these Developments on Organizations
  • Why Transformation is Key to stay ahead of  Innovative Startups (disruptors) 
  • What Adjustments are required
  • The Advantages of these Adjustments

The presentation is really powerful when combined with a session to translate the insights to the own team and/or organization.

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Future Readiness Check

To make intangible things like Culture and Employee Satisfaction more measurable we have developed a Future Readiness Check. This is an Organization Health Check taking into account key elements that are required to be a contemporary organization. You can fill out the survey individually or together with your team. The latter will for sure result in great conversations.

Also for teams we have a Health Check to get 'the shit on the table'. This starts with an anonymous survey. During a face to face team meeting we discuss the inputs and look for commonalities. This helps to understand what is required to reduce frustrations, if any (read: workload perception).

Read more about the scan and related program here


We facilitate various workshops. We prefer to work with Lumina tools where helpful, since these tools are scientifically validated.

Our most famous workshops:

  • 2 Day Strategy Session. What makes our approach stand out is that we combine Content with Behavior. When the Strategy is translated to a concrete Roadmap it becomes even more powerful. 
  • A Lumina Spark workshop to get insight in your own and others' preferred behavior. This workshop gives you a better understanding of differences between one and another and learns you to appreciate diversity. Since the difference is measured what comes naturally and what you show in your day to day behavior, this workshop also enables you to better manage your energy.
  • A Lumina Emotion workshop gives you insight in your Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence will be more important in the near future than ever. Creating a common language to talk about this, gives you for sure great insights but also enables having conversations about this 21st century skill.
  • A Lumina Leader workshop provides insight in your preferred leadership style. This can be very helpful for Personal Leadership Development, improving your People Management styles and also your Leadership in the Organization.
  • A Team Development workshop is a Health Check for your team. Based on this Health Check we determine together the team needs to further mature.
  • Our Get to Know your Flow Program enables you to develop on an individual level. What is your Purpose, Native Genius, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Style? This Program results in your personal Elevator Pitch which enables you to properly position yourself. 
  • A From Workload to Work Happiness workshop gives insight in the elements that drain (frustration) and give energy. Tools are provided to enable self management related to work happiness. This workshop is valuable on multiple levels: the individual, team and organization.
  • In a Process Improvement workshop we are looking for ways to make processes more efficient and effective. We will bring all our Lean, Six Sigma and other Operational Excellence experience and tools to the session.
  • An Embrace Innovation workshop gives insight in what is required to create an innovative culture. How to stimulate brainstorming, leveraging creativity and really bringing ideas forward are covered in this workshop.

We often deliver customized in-house journeys as well. If you have a specific need: please let us know. We are happy to see to what extend we are able to support you.

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Leadership Transformation

We support Leaders to transform to the leader they want to be or a Contemporary, Impactful Leader.

In our 'Become a Contemporary, Impactful Leader Program, we give Leaders the most important tool they need to transform. These tools are typically not the things you learn at the University, but are the elements you need in practice to be a Contemporary Leader.

Read more about this program here.

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Organizational Transformation

When there is a clear dot on the horizon and a plan to get there, we can also support you in the realization.

With our Change Management experience we can train and support in the best ways to embed it into the organization.

Being an outsider makes it easier for us to break down walls or navigate across internal political agenda's. 🙂