Support Employers should provide in this Virtual World

Since March our whole world changed significantly. Suddenly we had to work 100% from home, wether you liked it or not.

Heiske: ‘A couple of years ago I wanted to work from home 1 day a week. My manager was not really in favor of people working from home, so I experienced it as a fight to get permission to work from home.’

These times are over.

Working from home however is not ideal either.

dr. Stewart Desson did research on the impact of working remotely on the well-being of staff. Main challenges people have faced since starting working remotely are:

  • Lack of in-person connection with colleagues
  • Difficulties in separating work and personal life
  • Workspace at home not being ideal for work
  • More distractions
  • Difficulties in balancing personal responsibilities with work

They indicate that they would love to get support to properly work remotely from their employers. The top 3:

  1. How to effectively work remotely
  2. Ways to manage stress
  3. Balancing with responsibilities at home

Heiske: ‘What I experience myself is that I spend more time working on my computer. Before COVID-19 I gave face to face workshops, presentations or visited customers. Now most of these events are done virtually behind my desk. Typically my energy starts to decrease around 11:00 and then I go for a run or a walk. This gives me an energy boost for the afternoon again.’

Steward did more research on the impact of working remotely on wellbeing. Heiske will tell you all about this in these upcoming webinars:

  • The Contemporary Leader, September 17th, 10:00 CET
  • How to keep your team together in these virtual times, September 15th, 13:00

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