A virtual Stepping Exercise

In the past 6 months we have facilitated many virtual sessions: Strategy sessions, Team Development sessions, you name it.

Normally we have multiple laptops in our ‘control room’. One showing the Mural we use, another with Teams and one back up for the ‘in case of’… Fortunately all worked well the past months… till yesterday!

Heiske couldn’t share her screen due to an iOS update that changed her settings.

Heiske: ‘Due to the fact I could not share my screen it felt to me as loosing control of the meeting. In Lumina Spark language I have a preference for being reliable and responsible. This situation of not being able to share my screen triggered me to get in my overextended mode and made me hesitant and even impulsive.’

Véronique and Heiske facilitating a virtual team building session

But hey, we always convey that we need to embrace making mistakes to enable innovation; making mistakes is ok as long as you learn from it. That’s what we did and we will simply rock next session again!

Fortunately our famous stepping exercise went well. In the stepping exercise we explore the behavioral preferences of the team members. We do that by taking steps in a certain direction if a statement applies to you. In a virtual session we have replaced the step taking with a pawn that we move if the statement applies. In this way we also get a feel of everyones preferences and the spread of the team preferences.

As long as the technology works well (which is fortunately in more than 95% of the cases) our conclusion is that virtual sessions are as effective as face to face ones. The only prerequisite is good preparation and use of right tools.

Interested to experience a virtual Lumina Spark session? We have open virtual sessions!